Godox Unveils New LED Monolights: Introducing the Litemons LA300R, LA300Bi, and LA150R

Godox Announces Litemons LA300R, LA300Bi, and LA150R LED Monolights

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Godox Announces Litemons LA300R, LA300Bi, and LA150R LED Monolights

Godox expands its lighting lineup with new Litemons LED monolights. The new Litemons range includes the LA300R, LA300Bi, and LA150R LED monolights, offering photographers and videographers versatile and compact lighting solutions.

LA300R is the flagship model. With a maximum power output of 300W, the LA300R is ideal for professional studio work and on-location shooting. It features a bi-color temperature of 2800K-6500K, adjustable brightness from 0-100%, and a color rendering index of 96+ for accurate and natural color reproduction.

LA300Bi offers bi-color temperature adjustment. The LA300Bi has the same maximum power output as the LA300R but features adjustable bi-color temperature from 2800K-6500K, providing users with the flexibility to easily match the ambient lighting conditions.

LA150R is a compact and portable lighting solution. The LA150R is designed for photographers and videographers who require a lightweight and portable LED monolight. With a maximum power output of 150W, it still delivers high-quality lighting in a compact form factor, making it suitable for on-the-go shooting and smaller studios.

Advanced features for creative control. All three Litemons LED monolights come with advanced features such as wireless control, 12 different special effects, and a Bowens mount for attaching a wide range of light modifiers. These features enhance the creative possibilities and allow users to achieve the desired lighting effects with ease.

Availability and pricing. The Godox Litemons LA300R, LA300Bi, and LA150R LED monolights are expected to be available for purchase soon, with pricing information to be announced by the manufacturer. They are set to provide photographers and videographers with reliable and versatile lighting solutions for various shooting scenarios.

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