Godox Unveils New Dive Light Series and Macro Ring Flash

Godox Announces Dive Light Series and Macro Ring Flash

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Godox Announces Dive Light Series and Macro Ring Flash

Godox, a leading manufacturer of photography lighting equipment, has announced two new products to its range of underwater lighting solutions. The first product in the series is the Dive Light, which is an LED-powered light system that gives photographers and videographers better clarity and control while shooting underwater. The second product is the Macro Ring Flash, a lightweight ring flash that is operated with AA batteries and is ideal for macro photography.

The Dive Light series features an innovative modular design with interchangeable lights and accessories. This modularity allows users to customize their lighting systems to their specific needs. The LED light heads have adjustable power levels which provide between 3-145 watts of illumination, and the lights are equipped with strobe settings allowing photographers to capture unique lighting effects. The Dive Light series also includes an optional underwater color correction filter which helps to reduce the blue cast that often results from shooting in blue or green waters.

The Macro Ring Flash provides a powerful source of light for macro photography. The flash is designed to be lightweight and easy to use, and it is powered by AA batteries. The Macro Ring Flash includes a dimmer switch which allows users to adjust the brightness of the light, as well as a “half-power” option that conserves battery life. The flash also has an LED modeling light which can be used for setting up shots. The Macro Ring Flash is a great choice for macro photographers who are looking for illumination when shooting close-up subjects.

Godox’s Dive Light series and Macro Ring Flash offer photographers and videographers more flexibility and control when shooting underwater. The modular design of the Dive Light series and the lightweight but powerful Macro Ring Flash offer photographers and videographers a range of lighting solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. Both products are expected to start shipping in the coming weeks.

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