Godox Unveils New C7R and C10R Creative Bulb Lights

Godox Announces C7R and C10R Creative Bulb Lights

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Godox Announces C7R And C10R Creative Bulb Lights

Godox, renowned for their photographic lighting solutions, has announced two new bulb lights: the C7R and C10R. Users can now enjoy stunning, engaging photos and videos with even more creative lighting capabilities and control.

The two new lights are the latest release in Godox’s Creative Bulb series. Both the C7R and C10R are designed to deliver a long-lasting, stable lighting performance, with adjustable power levels and color temperatures. The C7R has a maximum output of 4500 lumens, while the C10R produces up to 1000 lumens.

Godox has included built-in colour controls on the C7R and C10R. Users can select from over 3000 colour presets, allowing them to select the exact shade of light they need for their photos and videos. The Fine Tuning mode adds an extra layer of control, allowing users to make small changes to the white balance to precisely adjust the colour and hue.

Both the C7R and C10R benefit from a Wireless Remote feature. If a user owns additional Godox lights, they can sync up to fifty other lights for up to 24m away. This feature is ideal for multi-light setups, allowing users to control every bulb from a single device.

The Godox C7R and C10R Creative Bulb Lights are available now. For those looking to add creative lighting to their photos and videos, look no further than this latest release from Godox.

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