Godox Unveils Enhanced V1Pro Flash and SU-1 Sub-Flash for Professional Photographers

Godox Launches Updated V1Pro Flash and SU-1 Sub-Flash

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Godox Launches Updated V1Pro Flash and SU-1 Sub-Flash

Godox, a leading manufacturer of photography lighting and accessories, has recently announced the launch of two new products – the updated V1Pro flash and the SU-1 sub-flash.

Improved Features

The V1Pro flash now features a more powerful and consistent output, as well as improved battery life and enhanced recycling time, making it an even more reliable and efficient tool for photographers.

On the other hand, the SU-1 sub-flash boasts improved compatibility with a wider range of camera models and offers enhanced wireless communication capabilities for seamless integration into any photography setup.

Enhanced Performance

Both the V1Pro flash and the SU-1 sub-flash have undergone rigorous testing and have been designed to deliver superior performance in various shooting conditions, ensuring that photographers can capture stunning images with ease.

Expanded Creative Possibilities

With the launch of these updated products, Godox aims to provide photographers with more creative flexibility and versatility, allowing them to explore new techniques and push the boundaries of their craft.

By offering improved reliability, performance, and compatibility, Godox’s V1Pro flash and SU-1 sub-flash empower photographers to elevate their work and capture unforgettable moments with confidence.

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