Godox Unveils Compact On-the-Go Lighting Solutions with ADS200 and AT200Bi

Godox Announces Portable ADS200 and AT200Bi Lights

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Godox Announces Portable ADS200 and AT200Bi Lights

Godox’s Announcement of the Ads200 and AT200Bi Changes the Game of Portable Lighting.Godox recently announced the launch of two new products, the Ads200 and AT200Bi portable studio lights. Both of the products offer amazing versatility and portability, and provide photographers with a powerful light source that is ideal for on-the-go shooting scenarios.

ADS200 is the Latest Portable Studio Light From Godox.The ADS200 is Godox’s latest flagship portable studio light, with a powerful output and flexibility. The ADS200 features a 200 watt output, a variable width LED module, adjustable color temperature, and a built-in wireless remote control system. In addition, the ADS200 comes with a removable Softbox with a diffusion panel. This enables photographers to adjust the strength of the light as well as the brightness of the light using the included remote control.

AT200Bi Offers Unrivaled Freedom and Flexibility.The AT200Bi, a second product announced by Godox, is a portable bi-colour studio light. The light has a 200 watt output and adjustable color temperature, making it perfect for a variety of lighting scenarios. The AT200Bi features a built-in wireless remote control system, and like the ADS200, it is also compatible with the Godox remote control system. The AT200Bi also comes with a removable Softbox with a diffusion panel, giving the photographer the flexibility to adjust the strength and brightness of the light quickly and easily.

Godox’s Portable Studio Lights Give Photographers More Freedom and Flexibility.Godox’s portable studio lights give photographers more freedom and flexibility. Both the ADS200 and AT200Bi are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for photographers who need a reliable and efficient light source for shooting on the go. The powerful output and adjustable color temperature on these lights make them an invaluable tool for photographers.

Godox’s Annoucement of the Ads200 and AT200Bi is Opening Up New Possibilities for Portable Lighting.Godox’s announcement of the new Ads200 and AT200Bi is revolutionary, giving photographers the ability to have high-quality lighting wherever they go. These lights are lightweight, powerful, and incredibly versatile, and they provide photographers with a freedom and flexibility that was previously impossible.

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