Godox Unveils Colorful SZ300R RGB Video Light

Godox Announces SZ300R RGB Video Light

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Godox Announces SZ300R RGB Video Light

Godox has unveiled its latest RGB video light – the SZ300R. It is the company’s first light to offer full RGB control, allowing users to control the hue, saturation, brightness, and hue shift within a 360-degree range. The light features 208 LEDs with a 5500K Color Temperature, a 100-watt output, and a 6000K Kelvin TLCI rating.

The SZ300R also offers three dimming curves for adjusting light output. These include Linear, Standard, and Custom, allowing users to achieve a subtle or dramatic look. Other features include a LED display for easy control and a built-in USB port for powering accessories.

The SZ300R is designed for a variety of applications, from film and video production to photography. It is equipped with Bowens S-Type Mounts and a wide range of accessories, including barndoors and colour filters. Additionally, the light is compatible with most cameras and can be controlled with the Godox app.

The Godox SZ300R is now available for purchase, starting at $399 USD. It is a great option for filmmakers looking to add a creative touch to their visuals with full RGB control.

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