Godox Unleashes Next-Gen Lighting with P600Bi Hard LED Panel

Godox Expands Knowled Series with Powerful P600Bi Hard LED Panel

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Godox Expands Knowledge Series with Powerful P600Bi Hard LED Panel

Godox recently released a new lighting solution, the P600Bi Hard LED Panel, designed to expand the versatile Knowledge Series line. As a member of the Knowledge Series, the panel is designed to meet customers’ digital creative needs, improving the color renditions, accuracy, flexibility, and power of lighting.

Designed for DSLR, mirrorless, and studio photography, the P600Bi Hard LED Panel offers an impressive host of features. The panel is ultra-thin and lightweight yet offers huge lighting power and superior color accuracy at high CRI and TLCI ratings. It comes with six dimming levels that can be adjusted quickly and precisely, powered either via its DC input or V-Mount Plate.

In addition to its high-quality performance, the P600Bi Hard LED Panel also offers supreme flexibility. It is capable of delivering both hard and soft lighting, with its tiltable yoke for limitless lighting angles. The panel also features an OLED display panel for effortless, real-time adjustments, allowing photographers and videographers to quickly select the desired brightness, color temperature, and other settings.

The P600Bi Hard LED Panel is an exciting addition to the Knowledge Series lineup. It is an incredibly powerful light source that offers precision control and ensures maximum flexibility and creativity. With its impressive features and easy-to-use design, the P600Bi Hard LED Panel is sure to be a favorite among photographers and videographers looking for a powerful and flexible lighting solution.

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