Godox LDP8BI: Exploring the Varied Styles, Configurations & Kits of Bi-Color LED Video Light Panels

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Godox LDP8BI Bi-Color LED Video Light Panel: Styles, Configurations & Kits

Godox LDP8BI LED Light Panel has become an essential tool for video production. Providing a powerful output of daylight to tungsten lighting, the Godox LDP8BI enables users to have a balanced lighting setup for any scene. Many different styles, configurations and kits are available, allowing users to customize their setup.

The Godox LDP8BI is available in a variety of styles. There is the Standard Light Panel with a 270° swivel yoke, ideal for mounting on a light stand, and the Slim Light Panel for space constrained productions. Both versions offer an adjustable dimmer and a color temperature range of 3200-5600K, allowing for precise control over lighting output.

Godox LDP8BI comes in different configurations. Depending on the desired output, users can choose from the Single Light Panel, or the Double Light Panel, which features two LDP8BI fixtures connected together. This allows both lights to be powered from a single power source and is useful for quick set-up.

There are also a variety of kits available. The Light Panel Kit features a Light Panel with power supply and remote control, perfect for quick and easy lighting setup. The Pro Light Panel Kit includes an LDP8BI Light Panel, light stand, reflector, carrying bag, and more, ideal for production use. And, for portability, the Traveler Kit offers an LED light panel, power supply, and compact carrying bag.

Godox LDP8BI LED Light Panel is a versatile tool for any lighting setup. With a variety of styles, configurations, and kits, each user can customize their setup to best suit their needs. Whether you’re shooting in studio or on location, the Godox LDP8BI Light Panel has you covered with powerful, adjustable lighting.

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