Godox Introduces New Dive Light Series and Macro Ring Flash for Photographers

Godox Announces Dive Light Series and Macro Ring Flash

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Godox Announces Dive Light Series and Macro Ring Flash

Godox, a leading manufacturer of photography lighting and accessory equipment, has recently announced the release of two new additions to their product lineup — the Dive Light Series and Macro Ring Flash. These new products are designed to provide professional and amateur photographers with versatile lighting options for underwater and macro photography.

Dive Light Series

The Dive Light Series from Godox is specifically designed for underwater photography and videography. With powerful and adjustable lighting, these dive lights are ideal for capturing vibrant and detailed images in the depths of the ocean. The Dive Light Series offers a range of options to suit different diving and photography needs, ensuring that photographers can illuminate their subjects with precision and clarity.

Macro Ring Flash

For photographers who specialize in macro photography, the Godox Macro Ring Flash provides a compact and effective lighting solution. With its circular design and adjustable power settings, this macro ring flash allows photographers to illuminate small subjects with even, shadow-free lighting. The Macro Ring Flash is compatible with a wide range of camera models and offers versatile lighting options for capturing the intricate details of tiny subjects.

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