Godox Enhances Knowledge Series with P600Bi Hard LED Panel

Godox Expands Knowled Series with Powerful P600Bi Hard LED Panel

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Godox Expands Knowled Series with Powerful P600Bi Hard LED Panel

Godox has released a new model to its existing Knowled series of hard LED panels – the P600Bi. The new lightweight panel has a powerful output of 600 lux at 1 meter, with a color temperature range of 3200K – 5700K. The panel also supports dual 3-pin XLR power ports, allowing for daisy-chaining of multiple lights.

The P600Bi’s adjustable light output and color temperature makes it versatile for both studio and on-location use. It’s equipped with an intuitive, 2.4GHz receiver, with an adjustable 8-level brightness. Its intuitive design makes it easy to use with a Bowens mount adapter, meaning it can be used with a variety of modifiers, including softboxes, octaboxes, umbrellas, and beauty dishes.

The P600Bi can be powered directly from a V-lock battery or the included AC adapter. For outdoor shoots, the light can be powered by an external 12V DC or D-Tap battery. It features an RGW color balance system as well as CRI of 95+.

The P600Bi also comes with an aluminum carrying case and a wide range of accessories. An array of mounting brackets allow for easy set-up and secure camera mounting, whilst the 1.8m power cable provides plenty of length for working at greater distances. The included Smart Phone App allows for complete remote lighting control, providing studio-style functionality in any environment.

The new P600Bi is a versatile and powerful LED panel which is perfect for indoor and outdoor shoots. With its intuitive design, powerful output, and range of included accessories, the P600Bi is perfect for both professional and amateur photographers and filmmakers alike.

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