Godox Debuts Extra Creative Light Bulbs with the C7R and C10R

Godox Announces C7R and C10R Creative Bulb Lights

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Godox Announces C7R and C10R Creative Bulb Lights

Godox’s Newest Products Allow Photographers to Get Creative with Their Lighting – Godox, a leading photography lighting manufacturer, has recently announced the release of their newest addition of Creative Bulb Lights – the C7R and C10R.

The C7R and C10R make it easier for photographers to attempt studio lighting set ups or creative lighting projects. The two bulbs have different capabilities – the C7R emits 7 watts of power and can be used for lighting, videography, and photography while the C10R is a 10 Watt bulb that has an adjustable brightness and color temperature.

Godox Creates Bulbs that Fit Any Photographers’ Needs – The C7R and C10R have been designed to fit any photographer’s needs. Both bulbs are lightweight and portable, making them perfect for location shoots and video production. The bulbs also come with a variety of mounting options, which makes them incredibly versatile.

The C7R and C10R offer photographers a wide range of creative lighting possibilities. The bulbs offer multiple color temperatures from warm to cool, allowing photographers to customize their light and achieve different moods. Additionally, both bulbs feature a unique diffuse filter that softens the light and minimizes the shadows.

Godox Introduces New Creative Bulbs at an Affordable Price – Godox has priced the C7R and C10R at an affordable rate, making them the perfect option for photographers of all levels. The bulbs come in a set of two for just over $100, and can be purchased from Godox’s official website or from a number of retailers.

Godox’s Creative Bulb Lights allow photographers to get creative with their lighting. With the C7R and C10R, photographers can easily create creative lighting projects, and with their lightweight design and versatile mounting options, they are the perfect choice for any photographer. And with an affordable price, they are an easy choice for any budget.

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