Godox Brings Artistic Creativity to Life with New KNOWLED RGBWW Pixel Tube Lights

Godox Announces KNOWLED RGBWW Pixel Tube Lights

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Godox Announces KNOWLED RGBWW Pixel Tube Lights

Godox has announced the launch of the KNOWLED RGBWW Pixel Tube Lights range, a collection of LED lights for artists and photographers. The range consists of various pixel tube lights in various shapes and sizes, designed to allow users to create complex lighting setups. The lights feature adjustable color temperature, intensity, and a range of built-in effects.

The KNOWLED Pixel Tubes offer a range of new creative possibilities to photographers, filmmakers, and content creators. They feature RGBWW technology, which provides a full range of colors in addition to adjustable white colors. The lights also offer adjustable brightness, with up to 10 brightness levels. The tubes have integrated DMX controls, which allow for creating complex lighting setups and synchronized effects.

The KNOWLED Pixel Tubes provide flexibility and convenience to photographers. The lights can be powered either via USB, or by using a standard wall outlet. They also feature various mounts, allowing them to be mounted onto a wall, ceiling, or tripod. Additionally, the tubes are compatible with various light stands, softboxes, and other light modifiers.

The KNOWLED Pixel Tubes provide a range of features and effects for photographers and filmmakers. The lights feature various built-in effects, including Continuous, Pulse, Flicker, Strobe, and more. Additionally, the lights can be programmed with custom patterns, allowing for endless creative possibilities. The lights also feature adjustable color temperatures, from 2800K to 6500K.

Godox’s KNOWLED Pixel Tubes are versatile and easy to use. The lights are a great addition to any photography or filmmaking setup, and offer a range of creative possibilities. The KNOWLED Pixel Tubes are currently available for purchase from authorized retailers.

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