Gifts for the Photographic Father That Already Has All He Needs on Father’s Day

Father’s Day: What to Give Your Photographer Father Who Has It All

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Father’s Day: What to Give Your Photography-Loving Father Who Has It All

This Father’s Day, show your photographer father just how much you appreciate him. Is your dad an avid photographer and already has all the gadgets he needs? Show him that you still care by giving him something that can still bring a smile on his face without taking up space. Here are a few unique gifts you can give your photography-loving father that will show him just how much you appreciate him.

1. A Subscription to a Photography Magazine

Let your father read up about the latest trends in the photography world. Is your dad a professional or amateur photographer? No matter the level, he will more than appreciate a subscription to his favorite photography magazine. Not only will this save him from having to buy each issue again and again, but it’s also a great way to show him that you appreciate his talent.

2. Photography-Themed Gifts

Show your dad how aware you are of his passion by giving him photography-themed gifts. Does he love to capture memories? Get him a homemade frame of some of his most prized shots, or if you’re feeling creative, create a collage of some of his favorite shots. If he’s constantly changing his camera, get him a strap protector so it won’t scratch or other camera accessories such as lens caps, cleaning cloths, and cases. It is the thought that counts.

3. Lifetime Experiences

Give him an experience he won’t forget. From classes to workshops, send your dad on an adventure where he can learn and appreciate more about the art and craft of photography. Look online for lessons in his favorite city or if you can afford it, take him on a photography retreat. There are all types of experiences your dad can embark on and they will all be sure to make awesome memories.

4. Technology Upgrade

Encourage him to take to the next level with an upgrade. Does your dad love his camera but wants to take it to the next level? Then consider treating him to a new lens or a professional camera body this Father’s day. Or, if he’s a digital user, get him a laptop with a good graphics card to store and edit those digital photos. Your dad will appreciate your gesture and it won’t take up too much space.

5. Photography Tours and Expeditions

Let him explore his passion outside of his home. Have you noticed that he’s been wanting to go out and explore the nature more but never gets around to it? Make his wishes come true by booking him a one-week photography tour or expedition. It could be anywhere- from a rural village of Peru to a trek in the Himalayas. Give him the chance to do something he’s always wanted to do and to capture unforgettable memories

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