Gift Guide for the Perfect Father’s Day Present

Gift Ideas for Different Dads

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Gift Ideas for Different Dads

No matter what kind of dad he is, you’ll be able to find something special for the father figure in your life this year. From toolbags to home-brew kits, there’s a perfect gift for every type of dad. Read on for some great ideas to help you find the perfect present.

Outdoorsy Dad

For the dad who loves hiking, fishing, and camping, there are so many great gifts to choose from. An all-weather blanket or an insulated stainless-steel water bottle would be excellent items to get him. For the truly adventurous types, consider getting them an oxygen tank or a multi-tool. You could even consider getting him a hammock for more relaxed outdoor outings.

Techy Dad

If your dad would rather be tinkering with gadgets and gizmos than out experiencing the great outdoors, consider getting him something he can use with and around technology. A VR headset or an automatic robot vacuum cleaner would make excellent gifts. You could also get him some new technology to add to his collection, like a drone or a smart home assistant.


For the dad who loves to do it himself, there are plenty of tools to choose from, whether it’s a full-on toolkit or just a few essentials. Measuring tapes, saws, and screwdrivers are all excellent gift ideas, as well as drill bits and wrenches. You could even get him a safety helmet or goggles to make sure he stays safe while he’s working.

Foodie Dad

If the dad in your life loves to cook and explore different flavors and cuisines, get him something he can use in the kitchen. A quality set of pots and pans, a subscription to a food magazine, or a herbs and spices set would all make great gifts. You could also look into getting him a home-brew kit or an electric smoker so he can make his own beers or specialty meats.

Coffee Lover Dad

If your dad is a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur, there are plenty of coffee-themed gifts you can get him. From coffee grinders and automatic espresso machine, to coffee mugs and subscription services for different kinds of beans, you’re sure to find something he’ll love and use every day.

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