Getting the Perfect Video: All About Audio

Moving from Stills to Video: Audio, Audio, Audio

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Moving from Stills to Video: Audio, Audio, Audio

Know what kind of audio you need. When moving from stills to video, audio becomes vitally important. Depending on your budget and the quality of the video you are shooting, you may need different types of audio. If you are shooting a documentary, you may need to choose equipment that captures sound more accurately than would be necessary for a simple music video.

Choose the right microphone. Choosing the correct microphone is essential for capturing quality audio. The type of microphone you should use will depend on the type of sound you want to capture. A good starting point is to research what mics professionals in the field use for similar projects. If you are on a budget, you may want to look into the various mic options that provide decent quality at an affordable price.

Pay attention to levels. Once you have chosen the right microphone and have it set-up, it is essential to pay close attention to your audio levels. This means making sure that your levels are not too high or too low, and that they are consistent throughout your recording. The goal is to make sure that your audio is clear and balanced, without any distortion.

Set the right atmosphere. Setting the right atmosphere is also key to recording good audio. You want to make sure that your recording space is quiet and free from external noises or distractions. If possible, dampen the sound of the room with blankets, foam, or other sound-absorbing materials to help reduce any background noise.

Be conscious of editing. When editing your audio, be aware of how different cuts might affect your audio’s flow. Be sure to pay careful attention to the length of your clips, and the transitions between them. Properly setting up your audio in the edit suite can make the difference between a professional sound and one that is amateurish.

Moving from stills to video requires a lot of planning and preparation. Knowing the basics of audio, such as the kind of mics you need, proper levels and setting the right atmosphere, can make all the difference in the quality of your video. Being mindful of the editing process and understanding the fundamentals of audio will also ensure that your video has a professional sound.

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