Getting Started with Video Podcasting: Essential Tips and Gear

Adding Video to Your Podcast: Beginner Tips and Gear Ideas

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Adding Video to Your Podcast: Beginner Tips and Gear Ideas

The combination of podcasting and video is an increasingly popular choice for content creators looking to grow their reach. From IGTV to YouTube, audiences are eager for entertaining, informative, and visually appealing content.
Adding a video component to your podcast is a great way to meet that demand and capture new viewers that may never have discovered your podcast otherwise.

Gather the Gear

You don’t need the latest and most expensive equipment to shoot a great video. Many mobile devices have acceptable quality cameras that will do the job. That being said, if you plan on podcasting for the long term, investing in a high-quality microphone, tripod and camera will make your videos stand out in the long run.

Prepare Your Sound

No matter which equipment you use, you always need to have great sound quality. A good place to start is by investing in a quality external microphone. Additionally, you should be mindful of the background noise in the room where you are recording. Reduce the artifacts and echoes in the video by using acoustic foam or blankets for sound absorption.

Test Your Connection and Script

Before you hit the record button, make sure you have a strong internet connection. Poor internet can result in choppy audio, video delays, or dropped frames, and will show in the finished product. You should also go over your script and any notes or points of reference, so you are prepared and organized when you start rolling.

Edit the Footage

Editing is an essential step for creating a professional looking video. You can use free or paid video editing software to streamline the process. Editing allows you to cut out any unwanted sections, alter the visual and audio components, and add extra elements like titles, transitions, music, and more.

Take Your Video to the Next Level

Making a great video doesn’t have to be complicated. With some basic tips and gear ideas, you can create video podcasts with ease. Be sure to dedicate some time to testing out your audio and video to ensure your viewers get the best experience possible. Before you know it you’ll be video podcasting like a pro

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