Get Ready for Professional Photos – TTARTISAN 27mm F2.8 Autofocus Lens Now Compatible with Fuji X-Mount Cameras!

TTARTISAN 27mm F2.8 Autofocus Lens, Compatible with Fuji X-Mount Cameras XS10 X-A5 X-A7 X-M1 X-M2 X-E4 X-T1 X-T10 X-T2 X-T...

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TTARTISAN 27mm F2.8 Autofocus Lens, Compatible with Fuji X-Mount Cameras

TTARTISAN strives to provide high-performance lenses and kits for digital and analogue photographers. The TTARTISAN 27mm F2.8 Autofocus Lens is one of the newest lenses available from the brand, and is compatible with a variety of Fuji X-Mount Cameras, including the XS10, X-A5, X-A7, X-M1, X-M2, X-E4, X-T1, X-T10, X-T2, and X-T3.

Wide-Angle Field of View

The 27mm lens was designed to provide a wide angle field of view. This means users can capture larger scenes with fewer images compared to narrower lenses. With its speed and wide angle, the 27mm lens is suitable for a variety of applications, from landscapes to architectural photography.

Premium Optics

The lens has been tested to provide vivid and sharp results. Its high-end optics include 7 elements in 7 groups, as well as a seven-blade diaphragm for smooth and beautiful bokeh effects. Additionally, multiple anti-reflection coatings further reduce flare and ghosting, helping to keep your images looking sharp and vivid.

Fast and Accurate Autofocus

The lens offers fast and accurate autofocus performance. Its linear motors are designed to respond quickly and accurately to ensure that your subject is always in focus. Additionally, the 27mm lens offers silent autofocus for taking pictures discretely in quiet environments.

Multiple Focusing Modes

The lens offers a variety of focusing modes. You can choose from auto, single, continuous, and manual focus modes depending on the scene and the desired effect. With its fast autofocus and multiple focusing modes, the TTARTISAN 27mm F2.8 Autofocus Lens is ideal for shooting a wide variety of scenes.

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