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AVID Pro Tools Perpetual Licenses Still Available at B&H

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Avid Pro Tools Perpetual Licenses Still Available at B&H

At B&H, you can still get your hands on a perpetual license of Pro Tools. Pro Tools is a popular digital audio workstation (DAW) for music production, recording and audio post-production. It is used by professionals in the music and film industry, for music composition, editing and mixing. B&H Photo Video is currently offering perpetual licenses of Avid Pro Tools Ultimate and Pro Tools Standard, giving users flexibility and control over their music production.

You get all the tools you need to make award-winning music and sound productions. Pro Tools offers a wide array of features and tools for creating professional-level music in the digital realm. For starters, the software comes with an expansive library of world-class virtual instruments and effects from popular brands such as AIR and Omek. There are industry-standard recording, editing and mixing tools at your fingers. Additionally, Pro Tools Ultimate provides users with collaboration tools for easily sharing sessions with remote teams.

The perpetual license gives you total control. With a perpetual license, you are given the freedom to use Pro Tools when and how you choose. This makes it easy to continue projects without having to pay additional subscription fees. Additionally, a perpetual license ensures that users have total access to all the plugins, audio content and support that come with Pro Tools Ultimate.

B&H is your place to purchase a perpetual license of Pro Tools. Avid Pro Tools licenses are available for purchase at the B&H website. Choose the version that best fits your audio production needs. The Pro Tools Ultimate package gives users access to additional sample libraries, sound packs and other features such as the Avid Cloud Collaboration Suite.

Grab the industry-standard DAW and never look back. Avid Pro Tools is a powerful and reliable digital audio workstation that is used by professional music and film makers. At B&H, you can get your hands on a perpetual license of Pro Tools Ultimate and Pro Tools Standard. Get the best of Pro Tools and never worry about subscription fees again.

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