Genaray Unleashes PX-Series of Innovative RGB Pixel Tube Lights

Genaray Releases PX-Series of RGB Pixel Tube Lights

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Genaray Releases PX-Series of RGB Pixel Tube Lights

Genaray is pleased to introduce its new RGB Pixel Tube Lights. The PX-Series is a ground-breaking new product in the LED lighting industry that allows filmmakers, video production professionals, photographers, and more to intuitively add light to their scenes.

PX-Series lights enable the user to create visible light drawings, designs, and animations. With the use of RGB color mixing, the user is able to achieve a remarkably wide range of images and colors. Additionally, the lights come with integrated effects and motion tracking, making these lights an incredibly versatile and powerful tool for video creatives.

The PX-Series lights are equipped with an impressive array of features. Each light is packed with adjustable temperatures that range from warm to cool white, a selectable gamma curve, extended color control, and advanced calibration. The lights also have built-in remote control, offer bright 500-Lux output, and utilize just 7W of power.

These lights will open up a world of possibilities for filmmakers, photographers, video production professionals, and more. With their innovative design and features, the PX-Series lights make a statement as more than just RGB LED Lights; they are long-lasting tools for creativity and innovation.

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