Genaray Powerbank 64A Pocket LED Light: A Compact Solution for Portable Lighting

Genaray Powerbank 64A Pocket LED Light PB-64A B&H Photo Video

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The Genaray Powerbank 64A Pocket LED Light: A Portable Lighting Solution

When it comes to portable lighting solutions, the Genaray Powerbank 64A Pocket LED Light is a top choice for photographers and videographers.

Compact and Portable

One of the key features of the Genaray Powerbank 64A is its compact and portable design, making it easy to carry and use on the go.

Powerful LED Light

This pocket LED light is equipped with powerful LEDs that provide a strong and even light output, perfect for a variety of lighting scenarios.

Built-in Powerbank

In addition to its lighting capabilities, the Genaray Powerbank 64A also functions as a powerbank, allowing you to charge your devices while on the move.

Adjustable Color Temperature

Photographers and videographers will appreciate the adjustable color temperature feature, which allows for greater control over the light output.

Long Battery Life

The Genaray Powerbank 64A boasts a long battery life, giving you extended usage without needing to constantly recharge.

Multiple Mounting Options

With its versatile design, this pocket LED light offers multiple mounting options, making it easy to position and use in various setups.

Perfect for On-the-Go Lighting Needs

Whether you’re shooting on location or need a portable lighting solution for your creative projects, the Genaray Powerbank 64A is a convenient and reliable choice.

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