FUJIFILM Unveils Flagship GFX 100 II Camera and Three New Prime Lenses

FUJIFILM Announces the GFX 100 II and Three FUJINON GF Prime Lenses

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FUJIFILM Announces the GFX 100 II and Three FUJINON GF Prime Lenses

FUJIFILM has announced a major update to its flagship mirrorless camera lineup: the GFX 100 II, along with three new FUJINON GF Prime lenses. This camera and lens combination promises to provide photographers with professional grade image quality, speed, and an intuitive interface for unparalleled image capturing experiences.

The GFX 100 II features a 102 megapixel sensor, 15 stops of dynamic range and built-in image stabilization. Additionally, it has dual memory card slots, a tilting touchscreen LCD, and an impressive list of video features, including 4K resolution recording and F‑Log support. This impressive piece of gear also promises to have low-light capability that exceeds expectations, with ISO sensitivity up to 204,800.

The FUJINON GF Prime lenses provide excellent optical performance to match the GFX 100 II’s capabilities. These lenses collectively cover a range of 35mm focal lengths from 24–300mm. All three lenses have a maximum aperture of f/2.8, features nine-rounded blades to provide an attractive bokeh, and offer dustproof and weather-resistant design.

For professional and enthusiast photographers, the FUJIFILM GFX 100 II, along with the new FUJINON GF Prime lenses, offers a powerful camera package. This combination provides an advanced yet intuitively operated image capturing experience, allowing photographers to take advantage of the full potential of the 102 megapixel sensor and advanced FUJINON optics. Additionally, the ISO range and image stabilization capabilities of the GFX 100 II enable impressive low-light performance.

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