Focusrite Unveils Scarlett 4th-Generation Audio Interfaces

Focusrite Announces 4th-Generation Scarlett Interfaces

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Focusrite Announces 4th-Generation Scarlett Interfaces

Focusrite extends its Scarlett range with new USB audio interfaces that bring more features, improved sound quality and even better value. Famous for their range of USB audio interfaces, Focusrite has just announced the latest addition to its storied range: Scarlett 4th Generation. All of the latest products- which include the Solo, 2i2, 4i4, 8i6 and 18i; promise to bridge the gap between professional and home recording, offering great sound quality, a range of features and of course, value for money.

Scarlett 4th Generation comes with a redesigned preamp for improved sound. Focusrite have overhauled their renowned preamps for this new generation of products. The new design allows for lower noise and higher headroom, meaning more clarity in your recordings.

The units come with multiple I/O configurations and flexible connectivity. Connecting to your computer via USB-C, the different Scarlett models come with anywhere from two to 18 inputs and outputs, allowing users to record an entire band or ensemble, or process audio from a range of sources at once.

There’s more than just upgraded hardware, too. Accompanying the new Scarlett range is a raft of included software, most notably the new Air Mode on all preamps. This feature adds more presence and sparkle to vocals and instruments, replicating the sound of classic studio microphone preamps.

The 4th Generation Scarlett range from Focusrite is looking great. At prices ranging from £78 to £311, the Scarlett 4th Generation range promises to offer audio professionals and at-home musicians alike great value and pro-level sonics.

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