Focusrite Introduces Fourth Generation of Scarlett Audio Interfaces

Focusrite Announces 4th-Generation Scarlett Interfaces

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Focusrite Announces 4th-Generation Scarlett Interfaces

Focusrite has announced its fourth-generation Scarlett range of audio interfaces, featuring the latest Thunderbolt and USB technologies. The redesigned range boasts improved sound quality and low latency, as well as a host of new features and added convenience for musicians, producers, and engineers.

The 4th Generation Scarlett 2i2, 4i4, 8i6 and 18i8 audio interfaces are designed to work with both macOS and Windows. They feature USB-C connectivity, allowing them to be used with the latest computers with both USB-C and USB-A sockets, while allowing for improved performance over USB 2.0.

The flagship of the range is the Scarlett 18i8, which provides eight analogue inputs. It features four balanced mic/line inputs on combination XLR/XLR sockets, two mono/stereo jack inputs switchable between instrument level and line level and two further jack inputs switchable between mic level and line level. The Scarlett 18i8 also offers 4x outs, two balanced monitor outs and two independent stereo headphone outputs.

The Scarlett interfaces are compatible with the Focusrite Control software, allowing for quick and easy configuration. This software allows users to adjust preamp gain, line input levels and monitor levels, as well as enable latency-free ‘direct monitoring’ and enable/disable low-cut filters. It also provides access to three-band EQ and Compressor/Limiter settings.

Focusrite’s 4th Generation Scarlett range of interfaces is the perfect solution for podcasting, recording, and live streaming. With its powerful features, improved sound quality and easy setup, it’s an ideal choice for a range of project and professional applications.

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