Filming Your First Music Video: What Equipment You Need

Your First Music Video: Equipment to Consider

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Your First Music Video: Equipment to Consider

Creating engaging visuals is the key to making a successful music video. When considering what equipment to use for your first music video, there are various factors to consider. What equipment you need depends on budget and the type of video you are making. Here are the key pieces of equipment to keep in mind when planning your first music video.


The right camera is essential for producing a quality music video. Camera quality can make or break a music video, so it is best to do some research before selecting a camera. Consider the type of video you are trying to produce and how much you can spend. Rangefinders, DSLRs, and mirrorless cameras are all suitable for music videos, depending on the budget. If you have a limited budget, an action camera may be the best option.

Audio Equipment

Capture high-quality audio from the audio mixing board. Audio is an important part of any music video. To ensure you capture the best sound quality, you will need the right audio equipment. A sound mixer, microphone, and headphones are essential. The sound mixer allows you to adjust levels, add EQ, and adjust dynamics. Microphones should be chosen carefully, as they will determine the sound quality of the video. Finally, quality headphones should be used to monitor the audio as it is recorded.


Lighting will add dynamic flair to the scene. When it comes to lighting a music video, there are several lights that you should consider. LED lighting is a popular choice as it is energy efficient and can be controlled easily. Lighting should be designed to enhance the video and draw attention to the artist. Other equipment to consider is a gaffer, scrims, flags, and light stands.

Editing Software

Editing software is an indispensable tool for putting together a professional music video. After the video has been shot, editing software will be needed to piece the music video together. Popular software includes Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, and Avid Media Composer. If you don’t have access to professional software, there are also free or low-cost programs such as Blender or iMovie that can be used.


A good music video demands more than just a great song – the right equipment is also essential. Cameras, audio equipment, lighting, and editing software are the key pieces of equipment to consider when putting together your first music video. With the right equipment and planning, you can create exciting and engaging visuals for your song.

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