Exploring the Versatility of ARRI Pro Lighting with the Modular Orbiter and Beyond

Versatile ARRI Pro Lighting with the Modular Orbiter and More

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Versatile ARRI Pro Lighting with the Modular Orbiter and More

When it comes to professional lighting equipment for film and photography, ARRI is a name that stands out as a top choice. The company has a long history of producing high-quality lighting solutions, and its latest offering, the Orbiter, is no exception.

The Modular Orbiter

The Orbiter is a modular LED light that can be customized to fit a wide range of production needs. It is capable of delivering a wide array of colors, and its interchangeable optics allow for various beam patterns and light distributions, making it a versatile tool for any lighting setup.

Power and Control

Along with its modular design, the Orbiter also features advanced power and control options. It can be powered with a range of voltages, making it suitable for use in various locations around the world, and it also offers wireless control through the ARRI Stellar app, allowing for easy adjustments and fine-tuning of the light output.

Compatibility with ARRI’s Ecosystem

Another key feature of the Orbiter is its seamless integration with ARRI’s existing ecosystem of lighting accessories. This includes the ability to use existing barn doors, snoots, and other light shaping tools, as well as compatibility with ARRI’s SkyPanel remote phosphor panels, providing even greater flexibility and creative possibilities.

Other ARRI Pro Lighting Solutions

In addition to the Orbiter, ARRI offers a range of other professional lighting solutions that cater to different production needs. This includes the SkyPanel series, which offers a soft and uniform light output, and the L-Series, a range of LED Fresnels that provide powerful and controllable light in a compact form factor.


Overall, ARRI’s pro lighting solutions, including the versatile Orbiter, offer filmmakers and photographers the tools they need to achieve their creative vision. With advanced technology, modular design, and seamless integration with ARRI’s ecosystem, these lighting solutions set a new standard for professional lighting in the industry.

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