Exploring the Style and Configurations of the Godox LDP18BI Bi-Color LED Video Light Panel

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Godox LDP18BI Bi-Color LED Video Light Panel

A high quality, highly configurable light panel for any production. The Godox LDP18BI Bi-Color LED Video Light Panel is a perfect solution for any lighting situation. It combines the flexibility of bi-color lighting with an easy to use control panel. With a wide range of styles and configurations, the Godox LDP18BI is sure to please.


Choose between the panel style or light stick to get the most from your lighting needs. The Godox LDP18BI is available in two different styles – the panel and the light stick. Both styles feature dimmable light intensity, with the panel being a great compact solution for the shooter on the go. The light stick offers more flexibility, allowing you to position the light precisely as desired.


Available in one, two or four-light configurations, the Godox LDP18BI gives you the flexibility you need. The Godox LDP18BI can be configured in one, two or four-light configurations. By using multiple lights, you can achieve more complex and dynamic lighting scenarios. This is a great feature for both novice and experienced shooters looking to take their productions to the next level.


The Godox LDP18BI is a great solution for any lighting scenario. Whether you are looking for a basic light panel for some quick set-ups or a complex four-light configuration for more involved projects, the Godox LDP18BI is sure to have you covered. Its ease of use and flexibility make it a great choice for any lighting situation.

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