Exploring the Pros and Cons of Hardware vs. Software Synths with Arturia MiniFreak & Pigments 4

Arturia MiniFreak & Pigments 4: Hardware vs. Software Synths

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Arturia Minilab Freak & Pigments 4: Hardware vs. Software Synths

The world of modern music production is full of endless possibilities. From virtual instruments to hardware synths, the choices are seemingly limitless. Two of the top contenders in this arena are the Arturia MiniLab Freak and the Pigments 4 software synth. In this article, we’ll examine the similarities and differences between the two and how they stack up for live performances and studio production.

Features and Capabilities of the MiniLab Freak & Pigments 4

The Arturia MiniLab Freak is a powerful, compact hardware synth that features 25 full-sized, velocity-sensitive keys and 16 encoders. There are also 8 quality MPC-style pads, and all of this is housed in an attractive, lightweight chassis that is perfect for gigging or traveling. Pigments 4, on the other hand, is a highly-acclaimed software synth that is capable of recreating the sound of classic synths, as well as creating entirely new ones with its intuitive interface. It includes over 1400 sounds and is compatible with most DAWs and operating systems.

Controls and Customization Options

The MiniLab Freak features 2 assignable banks of controls, allowing for maximum customization and expressiveness. There are also several customizable controls, as well as 3 programmable footswitches, for even more live performance possibilities. Pigments 4 also offers a range of customization options, allowing the user to modulate, sequence, and create unique sounds with its powerful sound engine. It also includes a step sequencer, arpeggiator, and a full-fledged modulation matrix.

Price and Performance

The MiniLab Freak is a great choice for those on a budget. At only around 230$, it is one of the most affordable of its kind. Pigments 4, while not as inexpensive as the MiniLab Freak, still offers a great value for its price. With its powerful sound engine and range of customization options, it is a great choice for studio production and live performances.


The Arturia MiniLab Freak and Pigments 4 are both excellent choices for modern music production. The MiniLab Freak offers great value for its price and is perfect for gigging or traveling. Pigments 4 offers a much greater range of customization options and powerful sound engine, making it the perfect choice for studio production and live performances. Each has its own merits, and while they may both be suitable for different uses, the decision of which to purchase ultimately lies in the hands of the user.

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