Exploring the Novation Synth Family: The Powerful Trio of Bass Station II, Circuit Tracks, and Summit

Meet the Novation Synth Family: Bass Station II, Circuit Tracks, and Summit

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Meet the Novation Synth Family: Bass Station II, Circuit Tracks, and Summit

Bass Station II

Novation’s Bass Station II is a powerful analog mono-synth that’s perfect for crafting deep, punchy bass lines and rich lead sounds. With two oscillators, a sub-oscillator, and a noise generator, it’s a versatile instrument that can cover a wide range of sonic territory. Its flexible modulation options and built-in arpeggiator make it a versatile tool for both studio production and live performance.

Circuit Tracks

The Circuit Tracks is a compact groovebox that offers a diverse range of sound-shaping capabilities and intuitive performance controls. With its two polyphonic digital synth engines, four drum parts, and a comprehensive sequencer, it’s a creative powerhouse for electronic music producers. Its streamlined workflow and battery-powered operation make it a great choice for creating music on the go.


Novation’s Summit is a flagship synthesizer that combines the best of analog and digital technologies. With its dual-layer architecture, 16-voice polyphony, and extensive modulation options, it’s capable of creating everything from lush pads and evolving textures to aggressive leads and complex arpeggios. Its extensive connectivity options, including stereo outputs and CV/gate inputs, make it a versatile instrument for integrating into both modern and vintage setups.

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