Exploring the Cutting-Edge Tech of 2023: B&H Photo News Roundup

B&H Photo News Roundup: Week of August 13, 2023

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Headlines From the Week of August 13, 2023

B&H Photo Launches New Photography App – B&H Photo launched a new photography app this week, designed to help customers find, learn about, and purchase photography equipment with a few simple taps. The app also includes an in-app photo editor to make quick adjustments to images.

B&H Boosts Virtual Shopping Experience – B&H Photo went a step further in enhancing the customer experience, by introducing a new online 3D shopping experience. Customers can now view 3D models of the products they are interested in, giving them an accurate view of the product before making their purchase.

New Camera Features Hit the Market – Several renowned camera makers announced the addition of powerful features to the latest models of their flagship cameras this week. These features include improved autofocus capabilities, expanded dynamic range, and AI-powered image stabilization technology.

Updated Photographer Toolkit Available – B&H Photo unveiled its updated photographer toolkit this week, which is packed with helpful features for both novice and experienced photographers. The toolkit includes a new digital workflow assistant, which provides actionable tips and advice to help photographers get the most out of their photography equipment.

B&H Photo Announces New Fellowship Program – B&H Photo revealed its new fellowship program this week, which offers an opportunity for young photographers to learn and grow their creative skills with mentors and industry professionals. The fellows will also have access to a wealth of resources and equipment, as well as the chance to showcase their photography.

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