Exploring the Cosmos: Ecliptic Visions with Rebecca Boyle, Gabriel Biderman, Atlas Obscura & B&H

Ecliptic Visions—with Rebecca Boyle, Gabriel Biderman, Atlas Obscura & B&H

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Ecliptic Visions: A Unique Collaboration

When the talents of renowned astrophotographer Rebecca Boyle and night photography expert Gabriel Biderman come together, the result is bound to be extraordinary.

Partnership with Atlas Obscura

Teaming up with Atlas Obscura—a leading travel and exploration website—Ecliptic Visions brings new meaning to the concept of nightscapes. Through their workshops and tours, they offer attendees an opportunity to capture the beauty of the night sky in breathtaking locations around the world.

Education and Inspiration

One of the main goals of Ecliptic Visions is to educate and inspire others to explore the wonders of the night sky through photography. Their workshops cover a range of topics, from technical aspects of night photography to the cultural and historical significance of celestial objects.

Collaboration with B&H

As a leading retailer of photography equipment, B&H has partnered with Ecliptic Visions to provide attendees with access to the latest gear and technology for capturing stunning nightscapes. This collaboration ensures that participants have the tools they need to elevate their photography skills.

Experiencing the Unseen

Through their work, Ecliptic Visions aims to show audiences the beauty of the night sky in a new light, revealing the unseen wonders that exist above us. By teaching others how to capture these moments through photography, they hope to foster a deeper appreciation for the cosmos.

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