Exploring the Benefits of Popular Digital Keyboard Pedals

Common Pedals for Digital Keyboards

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Common Pedals for Digital Keyboards

Pedals add an extra layer of expression to the sounds of your digital keyboard. Whether you’re playing the piano, organ, synthesizer or digital piano, having the right pedals can make all the difference in your sound. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most common pedals used for digital keyboards.

Sustain Pedal

The sustain pedal is one of the most popular types of pedals for digital keyboards. It’s essentially a foot-operated switch that turns on a sustain effect on the notes you’re playing. This allows you to have notes held out and create a more legato sound. While it may not be necessary for certain styles of music, many keyboardists use the sustain pedal to give their playing a more expressive sound.

Damper Pedal

The damper pedal is very similar to the sustain pedal, but with a few differences. While it also activates a sustain effect, it is usually a more subtle effect and typically more suited for acoustic piano sounds. It operates a damper on the strings of a piano which applies a damping effect, resulting in a more muted sound. It’s important to note that some digital keyboards will come with a combined sustain/damper pedal.

Soft/Expression Pedal

The soft/expression pedal is another type of pedal used to give players greater control of their sound. It’s a foot-operated switch that can be used to control parameters such as volume, effects, and filters. For instance, you might use the expression pedal to control the amount of distortion or reverb for a more dynamic sound. Some digital keyboards might have a single pedal that doubles as a sustain and expression pedal.

Volume Pedal

As its name suggests, the volume pedal is a foot-operated switch used to control the volume of your digital keyboard. It’s often used to add a smooth dynamic effect to your playing. This is particularly useful for live performances, as it allows you to have greater control over your sound. Some pedals can also have a dual function, allowing you to control the volume and an expression parameter.


There are a variety of pedals available for digital keyboards. By having the right pedals, you can add a new dimension to your playing and take your sound to the next level. Whether it’s a sustain pedal, damper pedal, soft/expression pedal, or volume pedal, there are plenty of pedals to choose from that can help you achieve the sound you’re looking for.

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