Exploring the Beauty of Glacier National Park While Staying Safe: Safety Tips on Shooting in Glacier National Park

Shooting at Glacier National Park

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Shooting at Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is one of the crown jewels of the National Park System. It is an incredible natural treasure beloved by millions, and a mecca for outdoor recreation.

But it is also an area where shooting is allowed. The park recently announced the introduction of an annual permit system to control recreational shooting. This permit, which is being implemented in 2017, allows shooting in certain pre-determined areas and times as well as providing guidance for the responsible use of firearms in the park.

For those who choose to pursue recreational shooting in the park, there are important rules and regulations that must be followed. These regulations are designed to protect the park’s wildlife and visitors from accidents and responsible for proper education and use of firearms. Shooting is only allowed in designated areas and from designated points within those areas, and shot placement is also strictly regulated.

Firing during the hours of darkness, and the use of any type of incendiary device, are strictly prohibited. The use of centerfire or rimfire rifles and handguns is allowed, with only lead ammunition being allowed. Non-lead ammunition is strictly prohibited.

Those who are caught violating any of the regulations are subject to fines and other penalties. In order to ensure the safety of all park visitors, it is vital that all shooters adhere to the guidelines provided by the park. For more information about shooting in Glacier National Park, including permit information, please visit the park’s website.

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