Exploring Scrims and Flags for Creative Portrait Photography

Using Scrims and Flags for Portraits

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Using Scrims and Flags for Portraits

Photography scrims and flags are key tools all portraiture should consider. When used properly they define, shape, and sculpt the way light is used to create the desired effect in the image. When you begin to learn to use scrims and flags, you’ll instantly see the amazing results.

Understanding Scrims and Flags

Scrims and flags are used to either absorb, block, or reflect light. Scrims are used to bring down the intensity of the light, while flags block light and therefore create shadows. In the past photographers employed large sheets of heavy fabric for each of these tasks, however many prefer to use the modern, lightweight alternatives that are available today.

Using Scrims and Flags Effectively

Positioning scrims and flags to create the right look is essential. It’s important to always keep your subject’s look in mind and how you could enhance their features with the proper use of diffused light. If you’re struggling to find the best light direction for the perfect portrait, consider using a light meter to determine the best placement of your scrims and flags to create the perfect look.

Improving Your Skillset

When mastering the use of scrims and flags, practice makes perfect. Actively work to experiment with the positions and distances of your scrims and flags to create the desired look for each image. A lot of it comes down to trial and error, but with consistent practice you’ll soon be able to source the best position for both tools to create theperfect portrait.

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