Exploring Portrait Photography with Chris Orwig: A Conversation on Portrait Lenses

Portrait Lenses: A Thoughtful Conversation with Chris Orwig

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Portrait Lenses: A Thoughtful Conversation with Chris Orwig

“The secret of a portrait lens is that you’re looking at people in a creative and thoughtful way” – Chris Orwig, portrait photographer and author.

Chris Orwig is an American photographer, author, lecturer and educator. He is well-known for his stunning portrait photography that captures people’s true personality and emotion. In this article, we have the pleasure of having a conversation with Chris about portrait lenses and their importance in portrait photography.

“Portrait lenses are essential tools for portrait photography” begins Chris, stressing the importance of good quality lenses. He explains that portrait lenses provide greater flexibility and control over the quality of the photographs taken. By using the right lens, photographers can adjust the focal length, depth of field, and perspective to create beautiful and dramatic portraits of their subjects.

Chris further elaborates that “The right portrait lens also lets you focus on the little nuances and details in the person’s face and expression that you otherwise wouldn’t see”. He suggests that photographers should invest in a couple of different portrait lenses, such as a 70-200mm or a particular 24-70mm lens. By having a few different focal lengths, photographers can experiment and find the best one for each particular shot.

“Ultimately, the goal is to immediately capture the beauty, personality and emotion of your subject” adds Chris. He explains that shooting with the right portrait lens requires a thoughtful approach. Photographers should think about how they would like to portray their subject in the portrait and frame it accordingly. This will help the photograph to more accurately capture the unique qualities and characteristics of the subject.

In conclusion, the right portrait lens is an essential tool for any portrait photographer. It provides the artistic control to help create stunning and thoughtful portraits of your subjects and allows you to capture those little nuances and expressions that make a photograph truly special

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