Exploring Essential Video Production Gear: On-Camera Monitors, Video Recorders, and Wireless Systems

On-Camera Monitors, Video Recorders, and Wireless Systems

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On-Camera Monitors

On-camera monitors are devices that monitor and display video being captured by a camera. They allow filmmakers to adjust settings and focus quickly and accurately. On-camera monitors are usually LCD HD displays, and come in a variety of sizes and resolutions. Many also come with built-in tools, such as waveform monitors, false color filters, 1:1 pixel mapping, and peaking filters to help refine the quality of the images being captured.

Video Recorders

Video Recorders are devices that record video in digital format. They provide filmmakers with greater control over the video they record. Video recorders often offer a wide range of resolutions, formats, and bitrates, allowing the filmmaker to select the optimal video quality for their project. Some video recorders also feature built-in color grading, slow motion, and time lapse recording functions.

Wireless Systems

Wireless systems are used to link a camera to an external recorder or monitor. They ensure that the filmmaker can monitor the video without being tethered to the camera. Wireless systems are capable of transmitting high-speed data, as well as images and audio. Wireless systems are also often used to synchronize multiple cameras, providing the filmmaker with the flexibility to shoot multiple angles at once

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