Exploring Artistic Vision with Photographer Paul Bartholomew in Leica Stories

Leica Stories: In Conversation with Paul Bartholomew

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Leica Stories: In Conversation with Paul Bartholomew

Paul Bartholomew is a photographer, writer, and producer. He has been a photographer and writer since the age of 16, producing stories about his travels around the world. Recently, he had the opportunity to travel back to Myanmar with Leica to continue producing his stories.

Telling Stories with Motion and Light

Paul’s specialty lies in telling stories with the power of motion and light. He believes strongly in capturing moments as it is happening, rather than portraying moments after the fact. With this belief, he has been able to achieve breathtaking footage from all corners of the world.

The Power of Documenting Stories

Paul believes in the power of documenting stories, as he reflects, “Documenting a story gives it life, allows people to witness life beyond what they know. It amplifies the voices of those who don’t have a platform, and it breathes air into a culture that might teeter on the edge of history.”

A Trip to Myanmar with Leica

Recently, Paul had the opportunity to return to Myanmar with Leica. Throughout the trip, he documented his experience and the stories of the people he encountered. He speaks of the people he met, “Stepping away for a while, I encounter those who’s lives exist in a different place and time. They had walked many difficult paths, but also had a measured calm, which runs deep in their spiritual awareness.”

Unveiling the Mysteries of Myanmar

Using the power of motion and light, Paul was able to unveil the mysteries of Myanmar. Paul was able to capture the beauty and spirit of this country, and his pictures attest to the power of his stories. His journey through Myanmar was captured through a combination of stills and motion, and every moment was captured with the Leica S.

Continuing His Documentaries

Paul is looking forward to continuing to document stories from all over the world. He plans on using his skills to continue to capture the stories of those that are often unheard. He says, “I’ll take a few risks and push the boundaries to see what’s on the other side. I think that’s why I like photography, and why I find myself happiest when I am immersed in a story and living between the shots.”

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