Explore the Professional Lighting Capabilities of the Godox LDP8D Daylight LED Panel

Godox LDP8D Daylight LED Video Light Panel, Styles, Configurations & Kits

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Godox LDP8D Daylight LED Video Light Panel: Styles, Configurations & Kits

Godox’s LDP8D is a cutting-edge LED panel designed with the professional videographer in mind. This lightweight panel offers flicker-free daylight output at 3000K, allowing you to shoot in a variety of different settings. This versatile light panel also offers multiple styles, configurations, and kits to cater to everyone’s needs.


Choose between the soft and bi-color models to better suit your lighting needs. The soft model of the LDP8D panel produces flicker-free daylight at 3000K, while the bi-color version has 5600K/3200K color temperature settings that can be adjusted through the OLED interface. With the bi-color model, you can produce more dramatic lighting effects and a higher color accuracy that can be precisely controlled.


The LDP8D panel can also be used in multiple configurations. The panel was designed to be mounted on a wall or stand, allowing it to be used for key, back, or accent lighting. Additionally, the versatile panel can also be used as a fill light indoors or outdoors.

Kits and Accessories

Godox also offers a variety of kits and accessories for the LDP8D panel including a soft light box, dimmer, swivel adapter, and honeycomb grid. These can offer you added versatility when using the panel. Additionally, they can make it easier to set up the panel in a variety of different configurations.

Ultimately, choosing the Godox LDP8D Daylight LED Video Light Panel is an excellent way to take your video production to the next level. With its multiple styles, configurations, and accessories kits, you can create dramatic lighting effects that will give your videos that professional touch.

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