Experience Rapid Charging Performance with HYPER’s 140W GaN 3-Port Charger

Recharge Mobile Devices Faster with HYPER's 140W GaN 3-Port Charger

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Recharge Mobile Devices Faster with HYPER’s 140W GaN 3-Port Charger

HYPER’s 3-Port 140W GaN Charger offers maximum charging speed and power delivery to recharge three devices simultaneously. If you own multiple mobile devices, having a charger that can quickly recharge them is a must. And that’s precisely what Hyper offers with the 3-Port 140W GaN Charger, which uses gallium nitride (GaN) technology to achieve maximum charging speeds and power delivery.

The charger can output up to 140W of power. With three USB-C ports, the charger can output power up to 100W, 60W, and 18W, making it capable of charging laptops, phones, tablets, and more. Plus, the charger is equipped with Hyper’s HyperCharge technology, allowing it to charge devices up to 30% faster than a standard charger.

The 3-Port 140W GaN Charger also features Hyper’s SafeCharge technology. This unique technology offers temperature and surge protection so that your devices are safe and secure while charging. Additionally, the charger is designed with an ultra-slim profile so it’s easy to take with you wherever you go.

The Hyper 3-Port 140W GaN Charger is the perfect choice for anyone who needs to quickly and safely recharge multiple devices. Thanks to its robust power output, temperature and surge protection, and ultra-slim profile, this charger is a must-have for tech lovers and power users alike.

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