Experience Quality Audio with the POWMEE M1 Kids Headphones

POWMEE M1 Kids Headphones Wired Headphone for Kids,Foldable Adjustable Stereo Tangle-Free,3.5MM Jack Wire Cord On-Ear Headphone for Children (Blue) : Electronics

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POWMEE M1 Kids Headphones Wired Headphone for Kids

The perfect headphone for young children who need their own set of headphones to keep them entertained.

These POWMEE M1 Kids Headphones are perfect for young children who may be using devices with different audio outputs. Designed with safety in mind, these headphones come with a foldable, adjustable, and tangle-free 3.5mm jack wire cord. They are lightweight and comfortable, providing children with hours of listening pleasure.

Quality audio experience with volumelimiting pads.

These headphones feature volumelimiting pads that ensure your young one is without worry of overexposure to loud sounds. Parents can be assured that their hearing will not be impaired at any stage. The adjustable headband allows the headphones to fit comfortably around the head, with the adjustable earcups designed for maximum comfort and optimum noise cancellation.

Stylish design.

The POWMEE M1 Kids Headphones come in a range of fun and fashionable colors. The simple blue color is perfect for young children and ensures that they look cool and trendy while listening to their favorite music or audio. The headphones are strong and durable, ideal for a young child who is constantly on the go.

Technical specifications.

The POWMEE M1 Kids Headphones are designed with a wide frequency response of 20 Hz – 20 kHz, providing crystal clear sound for music and audiobooks. The headphones come with a built-in microphone and a 3.5mm audio jack for connecting to your device. Additionally, the 3.5mm audio cable that is included provides maximum flexibility for listening.


The POWMEE M1 Kids Headphones are the perfect choice for young children who need their own set of headphones. The adjustable, foldable design and comfortable cushioning make sure that your child has the best possible experience. With a range of fashionable colors and a built-in microphone, these headphones are sure to provide hours of listening pleasure

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