Experience Professional Lighting With The Lume Cube Panel GO Bi-Color LED Light Panel!

Lume Cube Panel GO Bi-Color LED Light Panel with Ball

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Discover the Power of the Lume Cube Panel GO Bi-Color LED Light Panel with Ball

Be ready to revolutionize your lighting situations with one of the most portable, powerful, and user-friendly lights on the market. The Lume Cube Panel GO Bi-Color LED Light Panel with Ball provides professionals and amateurs alike with a powerful and portable lighting solution. This innovative light panel is perfect for anyone looking to bring high-quality lighting to their creative endeavors.

Experience the freedom of supreme portability with the integrated ball mount. The ball mount eliminates the need to carry bulky stands and arms. The integrated ball mount is made of a durable metal to provide a secure and sturdy mounting solution for your Lume Cube Panel GO.

Set the scene with 5600K-9800K adjustable color temperatures. The light panel offers precision lighting with 5,600K-9,800K adjustable color temperature to suit any application. With incredibly accurate color accuracy, you can ensure that your photos and videos will always look stunning.

Instantly appreciate the full brightness of the 200 lumen panel. With its 200 lumen brightness, the Lume Cube Panel GO packs a punch. The light panel creates an ultra-high quality light with precise illumination that is perfect for any situation.

Dive into the world of expandable lighting. The Lume Cube Panel GO is expandable. Connect up to 5 Panel GO lights together to create the look you need. Each light panel comes with an expansion port making adding on more lights an easy and seamless process.

Enjoy the convenience of wireless control. The Lume Cube Panel GO can be controlled via the Lume-X app. This app enables access to a suite of features to control light intensity, color temperature, and flash settings.

The Lume Cube Panel GO Bi-Color LED Light Panel with Ball is the perfect blend of portability and power. With adjustable color temperatures and wireless control, you are sure to trust this light panel for all your creative endeavors.

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