Experience Professional-Level Cinematography with Blackmagic Design’s URSA MINI PRO 12K/CAGE PLT/MNT/2TB SSD

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Blackmagic Design URSA MINI PRO 12K

Blackmagic Design’s URSA Mini Pro 12K offers filmmakers an unprecedented level of detail and resolution for capturing digital images. The camera is designed for feature films and commercials, offering the highest image quality available in a compact package. With its unique new 12K Super 35 sensor, the URSA Mini Pro 12K can record up to 12,288 x 6480 RAW 12K or up to 60 frames per second in ProRes or DNxHR at 12K or 8K.


The CAGE PLT/MNT/2TB SSD is the perfect companion for the URSA Mini Pro 12K. The CAGE features a dual-mounting plate system that gives filmmakers the flexibility to switch quickly between cameras or lens systems. The CAGE also has two adjustable, quick-release clips that make it perfect for securing the camera in vehicle mounts or other overhead mount rigs. Additionally, the CAGE includes two high-performance 2TB SSDs for fast data transfers and plenty of storage.

Unlock Your Creative Potential

The Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Pro 12K and CAGE PLT/MNT/2TB SSD combination unlocks an even higher level of creative potential for filmmakers.

With its unprecedented image resolution and the included CAGE, the URSA Mini Pro 12K provides unparalleled performance at an affordable price. The combination is perfect for capturing ultra-high-resolution images and offers filmmakers the flexibility to capture incredible footage in almost any environment. From commercials and feature films to documentaries and broadcast television, the URSA Mini Pro 12K and CAGE PLT/MNT/2TB SSD combination make it easier than ever for filmmakers to unlock their creative potential.

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