Experience Professional-Level 4K Video with Panasonic’s AK-PLV100 Studio Camera

Panasonic AK-PLV100 4K CINELIVE 4K Studio Camera AK-PLV100 B&H

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Introducing the Panasonic AK-PLV100 4K CINELIVE 4K Studio Camera

The Panasonic AK-PLV100 4K CINELIVE 4K Studio Camera is one of the most powerful cameras on the market today. It packs a resolution of 4096×2160 pixels, providing users with 4K video recording and playback capabilities. The camera’s versatility is enhanced by its interchangeable lens mount, allowing for an array of creative options for making movies. It also features a high dynamic range (HDR) imaging system, allowing for stunning photography in low-light conditions.

Superior Video Recording Capabilities

The Panasonic AK-PLV100 is perfect for anyone looking to capture video footage with superior detail. Its 4K resolution allows for visual clarity and vivid color reproduction. It also has a built-in 4K video editing suite with a variety of functions, including slow motion and time-lapse capabilities. Users will also be able to capture on the fly edits with the help of its integrated video encoder.

High Quality Audio Recording

The Panasonic AK-PLV100 also records high-quality audio. It is equipped with two XLR 3-pin connectors for microphone and line-level inputs to record both dialogue and audio sound effects with great clarity. It also has two pairs of XLR 5-pin connectors for recording 5.1 surround sound audio from external sources.

Precise Image Stabilization

The Panasonic AK-PLV100 also features precise image stabilization. It has a high-end digital image stabilization (DIS) system that produces clear, stable images at all times, even when hand-holding the camera or shooting in low-light conditions. This feature also makes it possible for users to capture fast-moving wildlife without blurriness.


The Panasonic AK-PLV100 4K CINELIVE 4K Studio Camera from B&H is an ideal choice for filmmakers and photographers looking to capture stunning visuals. It has all the features necessary for making high-quality movies. Plus, its impressive image stabilization and audio recording capabilities make it a great choice for professionals and aspiring filmmakers alike.

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