Experience Professional 4K Quality With JVC GY-HC500SPCN NDI-Enabled Camera

JVC GY-HC500SPCN 4K NDI-Enabled Professional GY-HC500SPCN B&H

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JVC GY-HC500SPCN: 4K NDI-Enabled Professional Camcorder

The JVC GY-HC500SPCN 4K NDI-Enabled Professional Camcorder is a groundbreaking camera that takes professional-quality production to the next level.

Advanced Features

The JVC GY-HC500SPCN’s cutting-edge features make it stand out from the crowd. It is the world’s first camera to feature NDI on-board with IP network streaming for live production, a technology developed by NewTek which enables live streaming with ultra-low latency over IP networks.

High Resolution Images

The GY-HC500SPCN provides high-resolution 4K images with 10-bit colour depth, allowing creative works with stunning cinematic imagery. It also supports simultaneous recording to two different formats in parallel, such as 4K and HD at the same time.

Compact Design

The JVC GY-HC500SPCN is designed for high mobility. Its compact size and lightweight design makes it perfect for use in broadcast operations and drone cinematography.

Affordable Prices

The GY-HC500SPCN is one of the most affordable 4K NDI-Enabled cameras on the market. It can be purchased from retailers such as B&H for a very reasonable price.

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