Experience Innovation: The Limited-Edition FUJIFILM X100VI Unveiled at X Summit Tokyo 2024

The Limited-Edition FUJIFILM X100VI at X Summit Tokyo 2024

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The Limited-Edition FUJIFILM X100VI at X Summit Tokyo 2024

Photography enthusiasts and professionals were in for a treat at the X Summit Tokyo 2024, where FUJIFILM unveiled the limited-edition X100VI.

Collaboration with Renowned Artist

The X100VI is the result of a collaboration with a renowned artist, combining cutting-edge photography technology with artistic design.

Exclusive Features

This limited-edition camera boasts exclusive features such as a unique finish and special engravings, making it a must-have for collectors and photography enthusiasts alike.

Enhanced Performance

Despite its exclusive design, the X100VI also features enhanced performance capabilities, ensuring that users can capture stunning images with ease.


With only a limited number of units available, the X100VI is expected to become a highly sought-after collector’s item, appealing to both photography enthusiasts and art collectors.

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