Experience Broadcast-Quality Video Capturing with the JVC GY-HC900STU 2/3″ HD Connected Cam Studio


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Intro to the JVC GY-HC900STU 2/3″ HD Connected Cam Studio

The JVC GY-HC900STU 2/3″ HD Connected Cam Studio from B&H is a professional-grade camera with a wide range of features tailored for broadcasters and production companies alike. Offering a dynamic combination of film-like recording and remote connectivity, the GY-HC900STU is an ideal choice for those looking for an HD camera that can deliver uncompromised quality, both in image and sound. It’s a tool that can help increase efficiency in any live production environment.

Compact Design with Professional Features

The GY-HC900STU was designed to be lightweight and highly portable, making the camera easy to carry and setup. It’s also well equipped with professional features such as a 2/3” 3-CMOS sensor, 14-bit A/D (analog-to-digital) conversion, and a wide range of recording formats. The camera also offers ISPs (Image Stabilization Systems), a 3 x touch AF system, and a selection of high quality lenses.

Streaming Capabilities

Featuring an integrated IP communications module, the GY-HC900STU can be used to stream footage directly over the internet to other locations in real time. This allows users to broadcast live and on-demand footage of any event or situation from anywhere in the world. For added convenience, the camera also supports camera control with an iOS device via the supplied Wi-Fi USB adapter.

Robust Durability

The GY-HC900STU is resistant to dust and moisture making it a good choice for use in harsh environments. It has an extensive temperature operating range (-4 to 140°F/-20 to 60°C) and is approved for broadcast use in the United States. With its robust design and reliable performance, the JVC GY-HC900STU delivers the quality and durability needed for broadcasters and production companies looking to cost-effectively enhance their live production capabilities

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