Expanding Horizons: Tokina Vista-P Line Introduces Exciting New Focal Lengths

Tokina Vista-P Line Adds New Focal Lengths

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Tokina Vista-P Line Adds New Focal Lengths

Tokina has expanded its Vista-P line with the addition of two new focal lengths, catering to the needs of cinematographers and filmmakers.

What are the new focal lengths?

The new focal lengths added to the Vista-P line are 18mm and 27mm, providing filmmakers with more options for capturing their vision.

Features of the Vista-P line

The Vista-P line is known for its high-quality optics, minimal distortion, and a consistent high level of performance across all focal lengths.

Impact on cinematography

The addition of the new focal lengths will give cinematographers more flexibility in their creative choices and allow them to achieve the desired visual effects.

Availability and pricing

The new 18mm and 27mm focal lengths in the Vista-P line are now available for purchase, and filmmakers can expect them to be competitively priced.

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