Essential Tips for Prepping & Packing for Landscape Photography

Prepping & Packing for Landscape Photographers

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Prepping & Packing for Landscape Photographers

Organization is key! Taking part in landscape photography can be an incredibly creative and rewarding practice. You often need to be ready to spend a great deal of time outdoors, and to fulfill your vision of the perfect photograph you need to ensure you have everything you need! Prepping and packing for landscape photographers is an essential step.

Research Your Location

Get to know your destinations! The best way to begin packing is to carefully research where you plan to take your photographs. You may need all sorts of items that you don’t usually need for everyday photography, such as mosquito repellents, sunscreens, layers of clothing and food for energy boosts.

Choose the Right Equipment

Choose wisely! To really make an impressive landscape photograph, you’ll likely need more than just your camera, such as lenses, light modifiers and remote triggers. Consider the type of gear you will need based on the landscape you plan to photograph, and any other accessories such as camera stands and tripods that you will need.

Select the Essential Accessories

The important extras. Once you have the essential camera gear to take landscape photographs, you may then start to think about the extra items or ‘accessories’ that help you and your equipment on your journey and allow you to keep shooting in the most extreme and unpredictable weather. Don’t forget items such as safety and medical supplies, spare memory cards and batteries, and a notebook and pen.

Arrange Your Bag

Pack your bag carefully. Keeping your equipment and all of the added extras safe and organized is very important. Take time to think about how you can divide your backpack into small sections, such as an area for accessories, clothing and food. If you struggle with organization, small pouches and bags are a great way to separate out all of your items.

Plan for Decent Rest

Take a break. Going out into the field on a landscape photography shoot can be tiring, so remember to also plan some time for rest. Pack a good night’s sleep that will provide comfort and allow you to wake up refreshed. Considering the weight of some of your items, lightweight sleeping bags and camping mats are a great option.

Re-Pack Your Items

Put everything back in place. As you are packing your landscape photography gear, make sure you are re-arranging it according to where it will be used. For example, if you will need your camera and lenses halfway through the journey, make sure that they’re easily accessible in your bag.

Be Ready!

Go Photograph! Once you are fully packed and ready to go, make sure you take one last look to check everything has been included. Once you have done that, you can start your journey and create some amazing photographs!

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