Essential Lighting Kit – Neewer Bi-Color 660 LED Light with 200cm Light Stand and 660 Diffuser, US Plug Included.

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Neewer Bi-Color 660 LED Light Kit

The Neewer Bi-Color 660 LED Light Kit is a great option for amateur and professional photographers looking to get maximum light quality on a budget. Featuring a solid build and great design, this is the perfect set up to light up scenes with ease. Plus, you don’t have to worry about mixing and matching components as all 3 components come together in one package.

660 LED Lights

The 660 LED lights are powerful and reliable, able to light up large scenes with ease. They are both dimmable and flicker-free for a seamless experience when lighting up different areas. Thanks to the adjustable color temperature range (3200-5600K) you can easily switch between warm and cool tones to get unique lighting effects.

200 cm Light Stand

The included 200 cm light stand makes it easy to adjust the height of the lights. It can be extended from 75 cm to 200 cm, giving you plenty of adjustability. The stand also features a solid, adjustable ball head for long lasting stability. And, both the stand and head are made with durable aluminum alloy that can support up to 5kg.

660 Diffuser

The last piece of the puzzle is the 660 diffuser, which helps to soften the light for a more natural look. The diffuser not only attaches easily to the LED light, but it also has a good amount of light dispersion for soft and even lighting. Plus, thanks to the included β…œβ€ and ¼” mounting screws, you can set up the diffuser on a variety of stands.

Powerful and Affordable Lighting Kit

The Neewer Bi-Color 660 LED Light Kit is easy to use and perfect for creative professionals and photography enthusiasts. Thanks to its three components, you get a complete and powerful lighting solution that is easy to set up and use. Plus, it comes with a European power adapter for added convenience.

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