Essential Gifts for Aspiring Student Filmmakers

Best Gifts for Student Filmmakers

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Best Gifts for Student Filmmakers

Movies bring people together and can teach us lessons about our lives – which is why student filmmakers need the best tools to create their stories. Giving the right gifts to budding directors, screenwriters, actors, and editors is important for taking their creative visions to the next level. To help make gift-giving easier, here is a list of the best gifts for student filmmakers.

Digital Video Camera

A digital video camera is really a must-have for any student filmmaker. Most modern digital video cameras can record in full HD, which makes editing and post-production a breeze. Look for cameras with wifi capabilities so they can instantly upload their videos to a computer for editing, or even stream directly to social media. Brands like Canon and Sony offer quality cameras that will motivate any student filmmaker.

Tripod and Camera Accessories

Tripods are essential for creating successful, professional-looking shots. For students looking to film compelling video shots, getting the right tripod and camera accessories is absolutely fundamental. Look for tripods that will support the size and weight of the camera being used, and add on a few extra accessories such as a microphone, lighting, and filters to make the student filmmaker’s experience even better.

Video Editing Software

Quality video editing software can take a student filmmaker’s production to the next level. High-end editing programs like Adobe Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro offer sophisticated tools that make it easy to fine-tune the audio, colors, and lighting of any video. While these software options can be pricey, many student filmmakers can get a reduced rate or free trial if they are enrolled in a university or film school.

Portable Storage

A reliable form of digital storage is always important for archiving and transferring large video files. Flash drives or hard drives are essential for student filmmakers who don’t have unlimited capacity on their computers. Whether they are transferring folders between computers or attending a networking event, portable storage is always necessary for bringing their projects with them.

Gift Cards

Gift cards give student filmmakers the freedom to choose the right tool that fits their needs. A gift card to a store like B&H, Amazon, or Adorama offer a plethora of options for student filmmakers. From the latest audio equipment to lenses for their digital video camera, using a gift card gives them the opportunity to explore innovative products that make their creative visions reality.

With amazing gifts like these, student filmmakers will not only have the best tools for their craft, but the motivation to become the best filmmakers they can be.

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