Essential Equipment for a Smooth College Start: What Computer Gear is a Must-Have

Essential Computer Gear for New College Students

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Essential Computer Gear for New College Students

Having the right computer setup is key for any student, and for those starting college, new gear can help them stay focused and organized.

Essential Laptop

A high-quality laptop is an absolute must. The laptop will be the main device that the student uses to complete their assignments. Look for something with plenty of power, good battery life, and a large enough screen.

Backup Drive

A powerful backup drive is also a great idea. This will allow the student to save important documents and projects in case something happens to their laptop.


Communication is crucial for college students. It’s important to have a good headset with a good microphone for online lectures and Zoom meetings.

Webcam & Tripod

Having a webcam and a tripod can also be helpful. The student can set up their webcam in a way that is most comfortable for them when attending lectures.

External Monitor

Finally, a good external monitor is a great addition to any setup. This will allow the student to have more screen real estate for multitasking and completing assignments.

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